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FilmPRO – Excellent Review of the SUMOSPACE

Weight vs quality?

During the IBC Expo in Amsterdam, a representative from the German LED manufacturer, Sumolight approached FilmPro magazine to feature SUMOSPACE in their LED lamp test edition, which can be found in the Edition Number 1(29)2017. Sumolight wanted to put SUMOSPACE to the test against some of the best LED lamps on the Polish market.

The Berlin-based manufacturer has two LED lamps in their rich product range. The SUMOSPACE, a 500-watt lamp and the SUMO100+ a 100-watt lamp both comprising of Bi-color color renditions. Sumolight sent us their latest product, the SUMOSPACE, fully equipped with all its accessories for multiple lighting solutions.

We performed our “LED lamp test”, the same test as our previous LED lamp test because we wanted to maintain the same reference point. Our primary light source reference was two Dedolite DLH4-3200 K lamps. Currently, this is the most popular LED lamp on the Polish market, packing a TCLI index of 100. From our camera tests, we chose to use the Panasonic Varicam 35 camera. The true winner of our big camera tests conducted two years ago. (Panasonic was the unanimous winner due to its color reproduction and the powerful tonal range.) For the SUMOSPACE test, we used a top-of-the-line camera lens, the Zeiss Master Prime 85mm, T1.3, and for obvious reasons – the DSC Labs ChromaDuMonde 24 + 4 color chart. Mainly known as the ultimate color chart test for its purity and clear interpretation of vector images.

From these precise outcomes on the vectroscope, the vector images used were the V-log interpretation from the Varicam V-709. This reference points out the same result as in our previous lamp tests. Every time the 3200 K and 5600 K reference lights were adjusted to the 3200 K and 5600 K LEDs, the white balance was utilized to eliminate the deviation of the color temperature towards the green or purple spectrum across the vector image. As a result, we do not have any white shifts, and the whole process gave a more consistent picture. The LED was aligned to 3200 K and 5600 K using a UPRtek spectrophotometer with the calibrated precision of only a few Kelvin. In other words – very accurate.

From the overall test, only one comparative vector diagram was presentable. All the other vector diagrams were simply too alike.
Regardless of the color temperature, either 3200 K or 5600 K this outcome had no significance other than the absence of changes in the color representation of the LED light.

If you look at the diagram below – you can clearly see that this diagram truly shows the TWO sets of vector images. This was a surprise.

Throughout testing the various LED lamps at the beginning of this year, I noted that the LEDs test from Akurat and Dedolight were, in my opinion, perfect. Today I can say that none of the previously tested LEDs behaved as superbly as the SUMOSPACE Bi-color 500 W. The very smooth adjustment of the Color Temperature is within the range of 2800 K – 6500 K. During the color temperature transitions, the light intensity remained consistent. The manufacturer’s technical information showed the real power of the lamp, not the sum, which is the common approach used in marketing to hide any inconsistency. In other words – nothing fades!

The color rendering index given by the manufacturer is CRI Ra = 95, TLCI = 99.
Our test measurements for 3200 K light are CRI Ra = 95 R13 and R15 = 94, TLCI = 93.5.
Measurements for light 5600 K CRI Ra = 94 R13 and 15 = 96 TLCI = 97.3
It is worth noting that R13 is a mapping of Caucasian skin color and R15 is Asian.

The SUMOSPACE can be used as a direct and diffused light source. The “naked” lamp emits a very wide light beam, at a 120-degrees. Light intensity obtained at the same distances is twice as high as that obtained with the Arri Skypanel 60 / 400 W working at an angle of 110-degrees. I do not know how Sumolight does it. But this is the result of the test. The efficiency of SUMOSPACE can be defined in one word – Respect.


SUMOSPACE has the ability to change its beam angle with interchangeable lenses. Some examples of the various beam angles were tested. At 120-degrees (the “naked” lamp), emits light broadly, but after inserting the 60-degree lenses the light stream narrowed and intensified, producing a light output the same as the new generation 1200 W HMI Fresnel. When the 30-degree lenses were inserted, the intensity of the light was resembling an HMI 2500 W with a 60-degree beam angle.

Sumolight supplies a super mount enabling SUMOSPACE to connect seven lamps into a honeycomb lighting panel (a fairly large application) with a luminescence area of about 1.5 meters in diameter and a total power of 3500 W, giving us a unit comparable to the 18 KW HMI (when tested with the 30-degree lenses inserted on the SUMOSPACE). Yes, it’s no mistake. This outcome corresponds to the 18 KW lamp.

The SUMOSPACE as a single unit can be easily modified to a soft light with the addition of a diffuser (90cm in diameter). It can also adapt itself as a space light by swapping out the diffuser, with the skirt and black skirt panels, making it equivalent to a 1200 HMI unit.

The word SUMO in the company’s name does not correlate to the weight of this unit, but rather the power of their lights. The weight of the SUMOSPACE is only 5.5Kg. Opposed to other 400W LEDs, it is a featherweight. All the other lamps that have taken part in our big lamp test are fairly heavy – ranging in the 15-25Kg division.

This lamp is passively cooled, which means – no fans. In the case of typical LED lamps, fans are common, resulting in increased noise levels, which is, of course, bad for sound. In the case of Sumolight – sound technicians will love it.

The SUMOSPACE can be controlled by all current communication systems, for example, WiFi, DMX, etc. SUMOSAPCE is designed in a way that it can be transported as a “stack” – similar to fruit boxes. In this instance, individual cases are not needed for transporting the SUMOSPACE. Overall, the SUMOSPACE in terms of weight, light efficiency and versatility boast the most attractive price on the market. And it’s not PR. It’s just like that. Period.

Minor digression. I honestly don’t know how to calculate the power of the LED units so it can be clear for me. All technical specifications are based on completely different reference points. Total chaos. There is no one standard way to provide technical specifications. Some indicate the number of LEDs and the intensity of light with a scale which is “invented” totally out of nowhere. Others are presenting the summarised power of the warm and cold diodes, and the intensity dependence on the distance function using strange units of measure etc.

The laws of physics regarding light have not changed for the time being. And they will not change in the near future. We all know that the intensity of light is dependent on the square of the distance, or square of the surface area to which the luminous flux is active, which in our practice is connected basically with the root of two. In this case, the change in luminosity is twofold.

And maybe it would force the manufacturers in the case of LEDs to provide us with the light intensity of a given unit in a particular way. For example, using data are taken from the fourth meter and fixed the angle of light stream, ie. 40-degrees? This type of parameter will give us a uniform comparison to all lights. (If a lamp works only using specific angle – i.e. 110 or 80-degrees, the manufacturer should convert its data to match values “pretending” that lamp uses mentioned 40-degrees.) For us, every change in the distance or angle of light using square of two means that it is twice brighter or twice darker.

Camerimage festival starts soon. Many manufacturers will attend as well as cinematographers. This is the place where you can initiate a discussion about new scale usage for lamps that will allow us to calculate or understand everything about lamps in a very simple way. Regardless of the manufacturer. This approach can help not only users but manufacturers as well. We will finally see what they really did. And there will be no BS. It is also about the reliability of the manufacturers and their products.

For years, we have used the Exposure Value scale to determine the exposure. EV = 0 calculated from 1 Lux x 1 second x 100 ISO. Thus, by the same token, it would be possible to establish a scale called, for example, LUX VALUE, based on proportionality, where the starting point of the comparative light intensity would be, for example, already mentioned fourth meter and the angle of 40-degrees. why not?

Let’s go back to the photometric measurements of the SUMOSPACE Bi-color 500 W using UPRtek CV 600 spectrophotometer (which adds a few useful features to the Seconik C-700 btw). When measuring color temperature, we can read additional information about CRI and TLCI. We can read as well where the white point is situated or any specific color – on the CIE chromaticity charts 1931 and 1976.

CRI – Color Rendering Index is a color render indicator that determines how well we are perceiving colors of illuminated objects. It demonstrates the quality of light. Reference is, of course, full solar spectrum. The scale used starts from 0 and ends at 100. This index has nothing to do with color mapping when capturing images with digital cameras. Cameras are different animals if we may say that. But this is a different story – for the next article.

When the CRI of the measured light is 100, and we personally find that something is wrong with the perceived color, or – totally opposite – when CRI is 20, and we are saying: “Wow, what great colors”, this means that we should immediately go to the doctors of many medical specializations.

TLCI – The Television Lighting Consistency Index is an indicator of how color fidelity will be recorded when using a given light source on a 0-100 scale. When the TLCI index is less than 50, it means that we will have big problems with color reproduction, even during color grading process.

A few words about the tools we used during the tests. In the diagrams below we can check the parameters of the Sumo lamps. The screenshots are related to the SUMOSPACE Bi-color 500W measurements using a spectrophotometer. Everything should be legible. The second important function that the spectrophotometer offers is the possibility to test the possible pulsations of the lamps according to what is set in the parameters of the camera. The spectrophotometer will show us the correct settings for the sector at a given frame so that the image does not flicker. The film world is on the one hand very open, and from the other side – quite “closed” – not willing to change too much. Open to new ideas, unusual visual solutions, crazy things that change our perception of the cinema, but still quite conservative, when it comes to light. The point is, that the changes in technology are happening quite fast and the cinematographers cannot always keep up with what is happening in the market. This is because they usually use proven and therefore secure solutions, and they are little suspicious when it comes to new, not widely popular lighting units; new types of lights, etc.

Sumolight as a novum can be doomed to a slow “appearance” in the minds of cinematographers, but if Sumolight appears in their hands – or you may say in that specific “sumo ring” – it will be very difficult to throw it out. Like with real sumo fighters.

Polish Article


CineGear Expo 2017

Visit SUMOLIGHT at CineGear in LA at Paramount Studios!

Since 1996, Cine Gear Expo has grown to become the premier event for the technology, entertainment, and media industry.

Cine Gear Expo is the largest and most important event of its kind in the United States and is an acclaimed and well-attended occasion attracting over 16,000 professionals from more than 60 countries each June in Hollywood, California, USA.

Come visit us at New York Street | Stand: 125B


Visit SUMOLIGHT at the NAB Show in Las Vegas!

NAB Show, the world’s largest annual convention encompassing the convergence of media, entertainment, and technology, where the entire digital ecosystem attends the Show, including Broadcast, Digital Media, Film, Entertainment, Telecom, Post-Production, Academia, Mobile, Houses of Worship, Advertising, Military, Government, Retail, Security, Sports, Live Events, Online Video, IT, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and so many more.

It attracts more than 69,000 visitors who attend to discover and learn about the latest products, services, and trends from more than 1,700 leading manufacturers and distributors.

Come visit us at Stand: C6948

2017 DCS Lighting Expo

The 2017 DCS Cinema Lighting Expo will take place at the IATSE Grip’s Local 80 stage in Burbank on March 4th. The annual event will include a full day of presentations from some of the industry’s most prominent cinematographers along with a host of vendors showing off their latest technology.

Come visit us at MACCAM Stand
4 March 2017 • Burbank CA

BVE • Excel London 2017

Visit SUMOLIGHT at BVE Expo in London!
BVE is the UK’s leading Entertainment and Media Tech event, with a 20-year history dedicated to the broadcast, production and post-production sectors. In recent years, the show has evolved into an all-encompassing event that also covers the Connected Media, AV Systems Integration, Live Production, VR and creative sectors. It attracts more than 15,000 visitors who attend to discover and learn about the latest products, services and trends from more than 300 leading manufacturers and distributors.

Come visit us at Stand: Q12
28 Feb – 2 Mar 2017 • EXCEL LONDON

CAREERS – Internship


Werkstudent | Berlin, Germany

Internship Opportunities

We will be offering a flexible internship to undergraduate and graduate students with the following major and/or related major in Business Administration.

Student interns will assist with:

  • Supporting the Customer Service and Finance area
  • Collaborate with the company manager in maintaining current and accurate business records;
  • Participate in month-end closing activities;
  • Take part on projects to improve operational efficiency;
  • Daily onsite team support is needed;
  • General clerical support;
  • Files paper copies of documents;
  • Scan and electronically file documents;
  • Data Entry;
  • Update excel spreadsheets;
  • Faxing, organizing supplies and office environment;
  • Other duties as assigned.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be:

  • Enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student at an accredited university or technical/vocational institution;
  • Majoring in an area of study related to the position;
  • Possess strong written and verbal communication skills in English. (German knowledge would be an advantage to the candidate);
  • Have excellent attention to detail, be well-organized and show initiative;
  • Ability to work independently with little to no supervision;
  • Ability to solve problems effectively.

We look forward to receiving your application including your salary expectations, in addition to your earliest possible starting date.
If available, please provide a link to any additional online resources like a Linkedin profile.


Chimera Lighting and SUMOSPACE working together

Chimera Lighting LED Adapters — The Junior #9906 and the Senior #9916 Space Light Fixtures

Adapting high powered LED lighting solutions to short profile Space Light fixtures, which make LED panels usable not just a space light but also as a key light, they have also released two other LED adapters, The Junior #9906, and the Senior #9916. The Space Bracket Junior #9906, is a smaller collar that measures 20” in diameter that will fit lights like the Sumolight Sumospace and the Olessen-SSL Reel-Lite Mini. The larger Space Bracket Senior fits larger models under a diameter of 31”, like the Olessen-SSL Reel-Lite and Mole Richardson 900W Vari-Skypan. Both adapters are constructed from aluminum alloy to resist corrosion. An Octa Space 3’ #6230 and an Octa Space 5’ #6255 fixture are also available from Chimera that has been sized specifically for The Junior and The Senior, as well.

For more information:



Werkstudent | Berlin, Germany


Wir suchen ab sofort eine Schneiderin / Modedesignerin als Werksstudent / Freelancer zum Entwerfen von Schnittmustern und Nähen von Mustern von Lichtformern für LED Filmscheinwerfer. Die Sumolight GmbH entwickelt LED Filmscheinwerfer und dazugehörige Lichtformer.

Die von uns entwickelten Lichtformer zeichnen sich durch ein geringes Gewicht, leichte Aufbaubarkeit und hohe Lichtqualität aus.

Die von der Sumolight GmbH produzierten Scheinwerfer und Lichtformer werden bei bekannten Kino und TV-Produktionen international eingesetzt.

Einfache Nähmaschine vorhanden. Besitz einer Industrienähmaschine wäre von Vorteil.


BVE Expo – 23 Feb

Together with Prolight Direct, SUMOLIGHT had a great start to BVE Expo in London. So many people from the industry along with regular and new customers came to see the SUMOSPACE and the SUMO100+
It was great to see such enthusiasm and interest from all the people who came to our booth on our first day at BVE and all were blown away with the many functions and accessories our lights have to offer.
Drop by our booth today to see and find out more about the versatility of our lights.

BVE • Excel London 2016


SUMOLIGHT at BVE Expo in London!
UK’s largest event for professionals involved in taking content from creation to consumption. It attracts in excess of 15,000 visitors from more than 60 countries and combines expert-led free seminars with an exhibition that features 250+ of the leading manufacturers, distributors and resellers of professional production and broadcast equipment and systems.

Come visit us at Hall S1 – 9, S17 Stand.
Feb. 23 – 25, 2016 • EXCEL LONDON


Werkstudent | Berlin, Germany

Task Description:

This position is responsible for managing the optical development, manufacturing, and design for LEDs.

Job Responsibilities:

The job will meet the fol­lo­wing tasks and expe­ri­en­ces:

  1. Provide optical design & development expertise for timely support on new projects of moderate size & complexity
  2. Provide optical design related guidance & technical advice to project engineers/ designers for new product development & production projects
  3. Designs and conducts tests, lab set up, data acquisition, data analysis, and other evaluations for prototype & pre-production
  4. Recommend and implement design changes to production products per prototype testing results

Skills and Abilities:

  • Must be a self-starter and capable of keeping up with a fast development pace
  • Must be able to utilize computer-aided mechanical design and simulation software such as SolidWorks, Zemax and Matlab
  • flu­ent Eng­lish necessary
  • fle­xi­ble, inde­pen­dent and tar­ge­ted working

We look forward to receiving your application including your salary expectations, in addition to your earliest possible starting date.
If available, please provide a link to any additional online resources like a Linkedin profile.

We are loo­king foward to hear from you!



Full-Time | Berlin, Germany

Task Description:
You support our team of engineers and product managers in the cost calculations, cash flow planning and competitive analysis.
In addition, you assist in coordinating the production and manage independently Supplier.They organize the flow of goods and the logistics of semi-finished and finished parts.They assist in quality control.You have the chance to own responsibility in various areas (logistics, production, marketing, accounting, purchasing) take over the company and to gain experience there.
Expected skills:
  • Good technical understanding (possibly Wi.-Ing., Business Administration with technology knowledge)
  • Knowledge of organization and project management
  • Knowledge of cost calculation
  • Flexible, independent and purposeful work
  • Good English language skills necessary

We look forward to receiving your application including your salary expectations, in addition to your earliest possible starting date.
If available, please provide a link to any additional online resources like a Linkedin profile.




Werkstudent | Berlin, Germany

Task Description:

In our team we are loo­king for a stu­dent employee to help us out with the ana­log cir­cuit design of our pro­ducts.

The job will meet the fol­lo­wing tasks and expe­ri­en­ces:

  • high fre­quency ana­log cir­cuits inclu­ding multi-mega­hertz ADC
  • expe­ri­ence with lay­out for mini­mi­zing elec­tro-magne­tic inter­fe­rence issues
  • extra points for expe­ri­ence with induc­tor design and use of soft­ware tools such as Max­well
  • flu­ent Eng­lish necessary
  • fle­xi­ble, inde­pen­dent and tar­ge­ted working

We look forward to receiving your application including your salary expectations, in addition to your earliest possible starting date.
If available, please provide a link to any additional online resources like a Linkedin profile.


CAREERS – Power Con­ver­sion Engi­neer


Full Time | Berlin, Germany

Task Description / Aufgabenbeschreibung:

  • Detai­led design and ana­ly­sis of power con­ver­ters for use in a variety of app­li­ca­ti­ons rela­ted to high power LED light­ing ( inclu­ding power sup­plies, motor dri­ves, power fac­tor cor­rec­tors, etc.)
  • Advan­ced power con­ver­sion tech­no­logy employ­ing high fre­quency swit­ching and digi­tal and ana­log con­trols
  • Design of power magne­tics, gate dri­ves, pro­tec­tion cir­cuits, I/O (Input/Out­put) inter­face cir­cuits and con­trol hard­ware asso­cia­ted with the power stage
  • Design und Ana­lyse von Ener­gie­um­wand­lern in Berei­chen der High-Power LED-Tech­no­lo­gien (Strom­ver­sor­gung, PFC, Motor drive, etc.)
  • Arbeit mit hoch­ent­wi­ckel­ten Ener­gie­um­wand­lungs­tech­no­lo­gien mit­tels High Fre­quency Swit­ching und digi­ta­ler und ana­lo­ger Bedien­ele­mente
  • Design von Leis­tungs­ma­gne­ten, Gate Dri­ves, Schutz­schal­tun­gen, Input/Out­put-Schnitt­stel­len­schal­tun­gen und Bedie­nungs­hard­ware im Zusam­men­hang mit Leis­tungs­stu­fen, etc.

Qualifications / Erwartete Qualifikationen:

  • SPICE mode­ling and simu­la­tion of elec­tro­nics for power sta­ges (inclu­ding asso­cia­ted trans­for­mers, input/out­put fil­ters, dyna­mic loads, swit­ching devices) requi­red
  • MAT­LAB for con­trols essen­tial
  • Fami­li­a­rity with firm­ware imple­men­ta­tion in C
  • Know­ledge of sche­ma­tic design in Altium requi­red
  • Flu­ent Eng­lish necessary
  • Fle­xi­ble, inde­pen­dent and tar­ge­ted working
  • SPICE-Mode­lie­rung und -Simu­lie­rung für Leis­tungs­stu­fen (für zugehö­rige Umwand­ler, Input/Out­put Fil­ter, dyna­mi­sche Las­ten, Schalt­geräte, …) not­wen­dig
  • MAT­LAB für Bedien­ele­mente not­wen­dig
  • Kennt­nisse in Firm­ware-Imple­men­tie­rung in C
  • Kennt­nisse in Ent­wurfs­pla­nung in Altium
  • Gute eng­li­sche Sprach­kennt­nisse not­wen­dig
  • Fle­xi­bles, selbstän­di­ges und ziel­ge­rich­te­tes Arbei­ten

We look forward to receiving your application including your salary expectations, in addition to your earliest possible starting date.
If available, please provide a link to any additional online resources like a Linkedin profile.




Werkstudent | Berlin, Germany


Für die Kon­struk­tion unse­rer LED-Schein­wer­fer, den Licht­for­mern und des wei­te­ren Zubehörs suchen wir Unter­s­tüt­zung.

Er­war­te­te Qua­li­fi­ka­tio­nen:

Fol­gende Qua­li­fi­ka­tio­nen soll­ten mit­ge­bracht wer­den:

  • sehr gute Kennt­nisse in SolidWorks
  • gute eng­li­sche Sprach­kennt­nisse not­wen­dig
  • fle­xi­bles, selbstän­di­ges und ziel­ge­rich­te­tes Arbei­ten

We look forward to receiving your application including your salary expectations, in addition to your earliest possible starting date. 

If available, please provide a link to any additional online resources like a Linkedin profile.



Department | Berlin, Germany

Sumolight ist ein junges und innovatives Unternehmen, das sich auf die Entwicklung hochwertiger LED-Scheinwerfer, den dazugehörigen Lichtformern und weiterem Zubehör  spezialisiert hat. Seit 2011 entwickeln und produzieren wir Lighting-Systeme für die Bereiche Film, Fernsehen, Bühne und Fotografie durch unsere eigene R&D. Hierbei liegt unser Fokus auf  einer effizienten, soliden und benutzerfreundlichen Technologie für ein perfekt aufeinander abgestimmtes System mit enormen Energie-, Gewichts- und Logistikeinsparungen.

Erfahrene Elektronikentwickler gesucht:

Für die Entwicklung von LED-Filmscheinwerfern suchen wir ab sofort eine/n erfahrene/n Elektronikentwickler/in.


  • Design und Analyse von Energieumwandlern in Bereichen der
    High-Power LED-Technologien (Stromversorgung, PFC, Motor drive…)
  • Arbeit mit fortgeschrittenen Energieumwandlungstechnologien mittels High Frequency Switching und digitaler und analoger Bedienelemente
  • Design von Leistungsmagneten, Gate Drives, Schutzschaltungen, Input/Output-Schnittstellenschaltungen und Bedienungshardware im Zusammenhang mit Leistungsstufen, …


  • SPICE-Modelierung und -Simulierung für Leistungsstufen (für zugehörige Umwandler, Input/Output Filter, dynamische Lasten, Schaltgeräte, …) notwendig
  • MATLAB für Bedienelemente zur Überprüfung von Hardware-Design
    und Performance notwendig
  • Kenntnisse in Firmware-Implementierung in C
  • Kenntnisse in Entwurfsplanung in Altium
  • Gute englische Sprachkenntnisse notwendig
  • Flexibles, selbständiges und zielgerichtetes Arbeiten

We look forward to receiving your application including your salary expectations, in addition to your earliest possible starting date.
If available, please provide a link to any additional online resources like a Linkedin profile.

We are loo­king foward to hear from you!

CAREERS – Mixed-Signal Circuit Designer


Werkstudent | Berlin, Germany

Task Description:
In our team we are loo­king for a stu­dent employee to help us out with the digi­tal design for our pro­ducts.

The job will meet the fol­lo­wing tasks and expe­ri­en­ces:

  • Expe­ri­en­ced with MAT­LAB and simi­lar soft­ware for con­struc­ting and simu­la­ting digi­tal fil­ters
  • C/C++ embed­ded pro­gramming requi­red
  • extra points for FPGA/CPLD pro­gramming
  • flu­ent Eng­lish necessary
  • fle­xi­ble, inde­pen­dent and tar­ge­ted working

We look forward to receiving your application including your salary expectations, in addition to your earliest possible starting date.
If available, please provide a link to any additional online resources like a Linkedin profile.



ICG, IATSE, ARRI RENTALS and Local 52 will present a two-day Int’l Cinematographers Guild, Local600 Lighting Workshop/Digital Symposium at IATSE Local 52 Stage, 19-02 Steinway Street, Astoria NY. Distinguished Cinematographers will conduct master lighting workshops, followed by informative panel discussion about digital workflow and color management and much more.






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Pinheiros – São Paulo (SP)
PH +55 11 5549 7630




Agai-bldg. 2-23-16, Ikebukuro
Toshima-ku, 171-0014, Tokyo
PH +81 3 59547577


EURO LIGHT System Dubaï
Mr Thierry Burot
Dubai Silicon Oasis – Dubai
PH +971 50 636 2917



Colditzstr. 33
D – 12099 Berlin

Tim Zur
Amtsgericht Berlin Charlottenburg
HRB 132805
Steuernummer 29/552/31015
V.A.T. no DE277259285


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