Chimera Lighting and SUMOSPACE working together

Chimera Lighting LED Adapters — The Junior #9906 and the Senior #9916 Space Light Fixtures

Adapting high powered LED lighting solutions to short profile Space Light fixtures, which make LED panels usable not just a space light but also as a key light, they have also released two other LED adapters, The Junior #9906, and the Senior #9916. The Space Bracket Junior #9906, is a smaller collar that measures 20” in diameter that will fit lights like the Sumolight Sumospace and the Olessen-SSL Reel-Lite Mini. The larger Space Bracket Senior fits larger models under a diameter of 31”, like the Olessen-SSL Reel-Lite and Mole Richardson 900W Vari-Skypan. Both adapters are constructed from aluminum alloy to resist corrosion. An Octa Space 3’ #6230 and an Octa Space 5’ #6255 fixture are also available from Chimera that has been sized specifically for The Junior and The Senior, as well.

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